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African Studies Center | Boston University

As the only Title VI Center at Boston University, the ASC is a highly visible program, well-regarded for its contributions to the overall quality of academic life. From the Greater Boston area, with its historically rich array of institutions of higher learning, the ASC is able to attract the support and participation of an unmatched group of Africanist scholars. Faculty from 10 universities and regional colleges participate formally in the intellectual life of the ASC through its Research Fellows Program. The ASC is linked to Harvard, M.I.T., Tufts, Boston College, and Northeastern University through consortium cross-registration agreements.

African Studies Center | Michigan State University

Founded in 1960, the MSU African Studies Center (ASC) is one of nine Title VI National Resource Centers on Africa designated by the U.S. Department of Education. African Studies at MSU has been distinguished by its focus on Africa's human needs - poverty alleviation, food security, education for development, environment and development, tropical disease, ethics of development, and gender equity.

African Studies Center | University of Pennsylvania

The African Studies Center at the University of Pennsylvania brings together researchers and students, along with cultural, business and media entities, to gain knowledge of contemporary and historical Africa. The Center coordinates a wide range of course offerings and events in a variety of disciplines ranging from history, language and culture to health, science and business. The geographic expertise of Penn Africanist faculty and staff spans the continent and extends to the African diaspora. They share a commitment to an interdisciplinary approach to the study of African people, their institutions, and the wider world where they now reside.

Kansas African Studies Center | University of Kansas

The Kansas African Studies Center embodies the interdisciplinary interests of over forty Africanists at the University of Kansas. The Center's mission includes: coordinating the African Studies program, sponsoring research and outreach initiatives, the enhancement of curriculum, organizing conferences, the acquisition of library and related resources, and raising funds to make all these activities possible.

African Studies | Northwestern University

As the oldest African Studies program in the United States, PAS enjoys a unique legacy of sponsoring research on Africa, training students in African Studies, and facilitating the involvement of Northwestern's departments and schools in the African continent. PAS remains at the forefront, conducting research and programs to advance knowledge about Africa, strengthen Northwestern's involvement in the continent, and promote cooperative approaches to increase international understanding.

Program of African Studies | Princeton University

The Program in African Studies emphasizes analytical skills, concepts, and frameworks for understanding continuity and change in African societies. Each student concentrates his or her studies in a department but is encouraged to do interdisciplinary and comparative work. The program covers Africa south of the Sahara and African relations with the rest of the world.

African American Studies | University of California at Berkeley

Our department has led the field with its emphasis on the African Diaspora and the cultures, patterns of social organization, political economies, life conditions, etc. of various African-based societies and communities in the Caribbean, Latin America, the United States, Europe, and other areas of the world. In addition to the development of African American Studies as a coherent and innovative discipline, departmental efforts are focused on fundamental reformulations of the theories, frameworks and methods employed for understanding race and ethnicity.

African American & African Diaspora Studies | Indiana University

AAADS introduces students to a wide range of current research and scholarly opinion on the history, culture, and social status of black Americans and their African heritage, as well as a breadth of topics on the African diaspora. As an intellectual enterprise, the department provides an eclectic analysis of the African American and African diasporic experience. As a humanistic discipline in the democratic tradition, AAADS seeks to dispel the myths and expose the attitudes that perpetuate racism in American life.

African and African American Studies | Duke University

The African & African American Studies Program is designed to establish coordinated interdisciplinary study of the history and culture, the social and economic issues, and the political institutions and processes that have shaped the experiences of people of African ancestry. The program serves as an interdisciplinary intellectual center that encourages research and scholarship in many dimensions of African and African American experiences.

African Studies Program | Cornell University

Africana studies is a tradition of intellectual inquiry and study of African peoples. Using a transdisciplinarian approach, Africana scholars document the global migrations and reconstruction of African peoples, as well as patterns of linkages to the African continent (and among the peoples of the African Diaspora).
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