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African-Canadian Studies | Seneca College

This is a course taught by Patricia Clark. The course homepage has the course materials, as well as related information and web sites.

African Studies | Carleton University
This is a listing of african study courses, recent student theses, current thesis research on Africa, and africanist activities at Carleton University.

African Studies | McGill University
The program offers interdisciplinary courses leading to a Major or Minor concentration for students seeking to acquire a deeper understanding of the African continent and its diverse peoples.

African Studies | University of Calgary
African Studies (AFST) has the status of a Minor Field of study for students registered in a degree program in the Faculty of General Studies or in a Faculty such as Humanities, Science or Social Sciences in either a Major or Honours program.

African Studies | University of Toronto
This multi-disciplinary program of study about Africa draws its core courses from Anthropology, History, Literature and Political Science, together with some interdisciplinary courses. Additional courses in these disciplines and in Philosophy, Sociology, Music and Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations round out the offerings.

African Studies | York University
The purpose of this Program is to enable students interested in Africa to pursue this interest through a series of courses offering a variety of approaches to the area in a number of different disciplines. As well, the Program is aimed at students primarily concerned with mastering a specific discipline who would like to apply their knowledge to Africa.

African Studies Research Group | University of Calgary
This site is intended as a resource for students and staff at the University of Calgary actively engaged in or interested in pursuing scholarly research with the African continent as a primary focus.

Caribbean Studies | University of Toronto
The Caribbean Studies Program consists of courses in Caribbean history, literature and thought which deal with a wide range of issues including gender, religion, politics, culture, ethnicity, race, development, language, colonialism and regional common markets.

Center for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean | York University
The Centre for Research on Latin America and the Caribbean (CERLAC) is an interdisciplinary research unit concerned with the economic development, political and social organization, and cultural contributions of Latin America and the Caribbean. The Centre works to build academic and cultural links between these regions and Canada; to inform researchers, policy advisors, and the public on matters concerning the regions; and to assist in the development of research and teaching institutions that directly benefit the peoples of the regions.

James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies | Dalhousie University
The James Robinson Johnston Chair in Black Canadian Studies is a national senior academic post covering all of Canada, based at Dalhousie University in recognition of the unique historical presence of Black people in the area.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies | York University
The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program (LACS) allows students interested in the Latin American/Caribbean area to pursue this interest by taking a set of carefully programed courses taught in different Departments and Divisions in the Faculty of Arts.

Middle Eastern and African Studies Program | University of Alberta
MEAS incorporates courses from a wide range of disciplines that deal with the geographical regions of the Middle East and Africa, and/or address issues relevant to their peoples and cultures. Specially constituted 'MEAS' courses help students appreciate the advantages of inter- and multi-disciplinary work, as well as illuminating the value of studying these two regions, together.

Southern Africa Research Centre | Queen's University
The Southern African Research Centre (SARC) is a focal point within Canada for research and international development programmes focused on the SADC region.

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