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  Jonathan David Farley

Dr. Jonathan David Farley is a mathematics professor at The University of the West Indies (Jamaica). Seed Magazine named him one of "15 people who have shaped the global conversation about science in 2005."

Dr. Farley is the 2004 recipient of the Harvard Foundation's Distinguished Scientist Award, a medal presented on behalf of the president of Harvard University in recognition of "outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of mathematics." Professor Farley graduated summa cum laude from Harvard University in 1991 with the second-highest grade point average in his graduating class. He obtained his doctorate in mathematics from Oxford University in 1995, after winning Oxford's highest mathematics awards, the Senior Mathematical Prize and Johnson University Prize, in 1994.

In 2001-2002, Dr. Farley was a Fulbright Distinguished Scholar to the United Kingdom. He was one of only four Americans to win the award that year.

Professor Farley's field of interest is "lattice theory." His recent mathematical accomplishments include the solution to a problem posed by an MIT professor that had remained unsolved for 22 years.

Professor Farley has written for the premiere African-American women's magazine Essence, for the hip hop magazine The Source, and he has been an invited essayist for Time Magazine and for The Guardian, one of Britain's major newspapers. Dr. Farley has been an invited guest on BBC World News Television to discuss the war on terror. (The interview was filmed live from Ground Zero on the first anniversary of September 11.) He has also been an invited guest on U.S. National Public Radio's popular "Tavis Smiley Show" to discuss blacks and the Green Party. (In 2002, Dr. Farley ran for United States Congress on the Green Party ticket.) In 2001, the leading African-American magazine Ebony named Dr. Farley a "Leader of the Future." On November 18, 2001, Dr. Farley was an invited speaker at the "Stop the War" demonstration in London, which drew 100,000 people.

Professor Farley's work applying mathematics to counterterrorism has been profiled in The Chronicle of Higher Education, in Science News Online, in The Economist Magazine, in USA Today , on Fox News Television, and on Air America Radio. His essay, "My Fellow Americans: Looking Black on Red Tuesday," appeared in Beyond September 11: An Anthology of Dissent , which also featured essays by best-selling authors Naomi Klein and Noam Chomsky.

Professor Farley is co-founder of Hollywood Math and Science Film Consulting, which offers advice for movies that have a math or science element. Hollywoodmath.com has been a consultant for the hit television crime dramas Numb3rs and Medium.

The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts (home to both Harvard University and MIT) officially proclaimed March 19, 2004 to be "Dr. Jonathan David Farley Day."

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